Making Their Names Big – Hydrosols

It wont be entirely wrong to call this ear of natural oils or hydrosols. These hydrosols that are obtained in the purest of fashion have a big demand in the world market. They are known for their subtle yet impactful qualities.

Hydrosols are very safe plant waters distilled directly from plants or trees. Through a distillation process using only distilled water and plant material, we are able to extract the healing properties of each plant. The use of hydrosols is a relatively new practice in aromatherapy. In the past, the hydrosols or plant waters were often discarded during the distillation process, considered inferior in comparison to the more concentrated essential oils. Recently, however, hydrosols have enjoyed more popularity and generated more interest, for varying reasons.

With the wider usage of hydrosols, there has been an increased understanding of their value based on the adage: “less is more”. Essential oils are sometimes contraindicated for pregnant women, infants, older populations, people with environmental sensitivities, and pets. Hydrosols on the other hand, are often safer because they are weaker in strength, without sacrificing their overall efficacy.

  • Iron: Use instead of of distilled water. This chore might even become fun!
  • House Cleaning: Use in place of water to clean, well, everything! Countertops, windows, tile, glass. The air will smell amazing.
  • Car Cleaning: Again, spray the whole vehicle down and wipe steering wheels, dashboard, everywhere.
  • Classroom: Wipe down the desks after students go home. One kindergarten teacher does this and her class has the lowest illness absenteeism in the school.
  • Elegant Dinner: Add some Rose hydrosol to a finger bowl or simply float some flowers in hydrosol in a bowl in the center of the table.
  • Recipes: Whether you’re cooking or making soap, replace the water in your recipe with hydrosol!
  • Yoga Mats and Massage Tables: Spray and let dry! Better than essential oils as they can breakdown their covering.

Hydrosols or Distillates as they are often called — are the natural “plant waters” or “floral waters” that are produced during steam distillation or hydro-distillation. Hydrosols are wonderful in natural skin care products and can also be used in aromatherapy. In the recent past, distillate water was considered the by-product of essential oil production and was discarded.

More recently, these pure distillate waters – also called hydrosols – have been recognized for their own inherent characteristics and qualities. Hydrosols typically represent the water-soluble constituents of the botanical with some volatile components such as the essential oils. Depending on the botanical and the season harvested, our hydrosols contain varying amounts of essential oil.

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